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The updated version of popular PC rhythm action-game Ongaku is now on sale worldwide, released by Blitz 1UP and developed by SmashMouth Games

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Blitz 1UP have announced the release of a new and improved version of award-winning music game Ongaku, across portals including, This release of Ongaku holds a new vision of the already popular game and a host of fantastic new features for PC gamers and rhythm action fans worldwide.
Ongaku is a 2D rhythm action game combining an original score and stylised artwork. Players take the role of the magic crystal Ongaku and progress through the fantasy kingdom of Melody by popping paint bubbles in time to the music. If successfully popped, the paint bubbles reveal an artistic masterpiece, bringing the canvas to life with its unique artwork. There are endless possibilities with a wide range of new features to customise and share your experience:

·  Enjoy 11 brand new lusciously animated levels, each with their own new music theme

·  Auto-generate playable levels from your favourite music tracks, pictures or videos using the Tune-O-Matic

·  Discover you inner artist with the ability to import your favourite media and create your own levels using the Melody Maker

·  Share the levels you’ve created with your friends and see their creations

·  Five difficulty settings allow you to enjoy playing, whatever your level of expertise

·  Ever-growing collection of new downloadable Theme Packs available, including Pop, Rock, Dance and many more
“We’re incredibly pleased to be able to unleash the fantastic new version of Ongaku upon the world today,” says Chris Swan, Blitz 1UP’s Business Development Director. “We’re really looking forward to seeing all of the crazy levels people will create with the in-game editor!”

Portals  currently selling Ongaku are:

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Tablet computing could bring major changes in gaming

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With Microsoft announcing the Slate tablet PC at CES and Apple’s long-rumoured tablet Mac expected this Spring, 2010 could be the year that tablet computing really takes off. Both Microsoft and Apple are promising to pack the power of a laptop into the much smaller chassis of a tablet computer. While there is some reason to be sceptical about either company being able to successfully combine power and good battery life, if they do live up to their promises, the devices could be interesting new gaming platforms.

Before last year, it was hard to imagine an Apple launch being interesting for gamers at all but the iPod Touch has changed all that. Apple is now pushing the device as a handheld platform and suddenly the idea of playing games on an Apple product doesn’t seem so weird. Since tablet computers will rely on similar touch screen technology to the Touch and there is the possibility of an Apple tablet using the app store, there is already a strong stable of developers who would no doubt delight at adapting their games, and developing new ones, for a more powerful computer with a much bigger screen.

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