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The CEO of Bigpoint has warned that only those publishers with the right spread of browser, casual and mobile games will ride the digital tidal wave.
Heiko Hubertz is presenting the opening keynote at November’s London Games Conference. The talk, ‘The Future of Online Games’, will explain that good ideas alone will not decide the winners of the digital frontier – it, “depends not only on creativity and technology, but very much on an excellent business model,” he explained.

“Half of all the internet traffic is already generated by online game sites – online games are currently booming. Not only are the sales soaring, but a range of companies in the sector are growing exponentially.

“Being successful with online games means developing a widespread portfolio of browser, casual and mobile games. It also means you must implement new technology to improve the gameplay and offer a selection of new possibilities, like cross-platform multiplayer gaming. To be internationally successful means you have to enter new markets.”

Bigpoint has become a massively powerful force in online games, with a number of hugely popular browser-based MMOs. It runs a number of owned IP games including DarkOrbit, and unveiled open world online browser game PoisonVille at Gamescom. Bigpoint also has deals to make games based on the Battlestar Galactica and Playboy brands.

The London Games Conference takes place on Thursday, November 4th. To book a place, contact

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Phonica Magazine UK covers the Mobile Marketing Association Forum

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Mobile Phone and Gaming magazine, Phonica Magazine UK has announced live coverage of the Mobile Marketing Association Forum via Twitter and Facebook.

Follow Phonica Magazine on Twitter (@PhonicaMagUK) and on Facebook (Phonica Magazine UK) for live updates on how Mobile Marketing is changing the way consumers interact with brands.

The Mobile Marketing Association(MMA) is the premier global non-profit trade association representing all players in the mobile marketing value chain, with more than 700 member companies.

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The Nunchuk

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I don’t know why, I just don’t like it.

I’m a big fan of the Wii, and as a result I play a lot of Wii games as both a reviewer and gaming nut. Obviously there are a lot of bad titles out there, and at times you feel as if you’re digging through a rotten haystack of gaming mediocrity, trying to find a diamond needle that makes all the other pap worthwhile. But overall, the Wii’s a lovely little console, that despite its flaws I’d hate to be without. But the one thing about the Wii that annoys me more than all the bad titles put together, is the Nunchuk. Man, how I hate it.

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The hottest mobile phone and gaming magazine is now live on iTunes App Store!!

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Rolls-Royce Ghost Design App Now Available on App Store

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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars announced that its first app for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. The app allows potential customers and enthusiasts to configure their own Ghost, allowing users to choose from many thousands of design combinations available to Ghost customers at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealerships.

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All blood and thunder

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Predator is a brilliant film.

I say this under advisement. I’m not averse to more arthouse fare on occasion, but as far as 80s action films go, Predator is right up there. It’s not every fella that can make Schwarzenegger look like a 90 pound stripling, after all. More importantly the Predator character, such as he is, plays right into the omnipotence complexes that we gamers often have. It’s all very well to run and gun, but I always gain far more satisfation from the 400-yard headshot. Patience. Awareness. Strategy, not tactics.

For me, the Predator is just about the most silkily slick killer in contemporary sci-fi. So why is it that every game I’ve ever played the bugger in imbues him with all the grace and poise of a one-legged reject from Strictly Come Dancing?

Predator: Concrete Jungle is the most notable offender, making the management of the cloaked killing machine about as much fun as thumb-wrestling Jimmy Giant Thumbs while wearing sandpaper boxer shorts. But Alien V Predator, Rebellion’s new offering, makes plenty of mis-steps too. Don’t get me wrong… the game is not bad at all and plugs into a particularly primal spot on my fun gland. But there’s not a developer I can think of who’s brought balletic grace to the big fella.

Why can’t old Dreadlocks flit seamlessly from vantage point to vantage point? Batman can. Rikimaru from Tenchu can. Sam bloody Fisher can. Maybe that’s the fallacy. Concrete Jungle went so horribly wrong because it worried too much about the arsenal of weaponry… spear, disc, and all that jazz. At his (its?) heart, the Predator is a ninja, albeit a 200 kilo one with exotic alien weaponry. He’s not for charging headlong into a pack of goons and steamrollering the lot of them… he’s for sitting on a branch 200 feet up and decoying individual goons away from the pack and into a gory death, to be recorded on an alien 8-track and played back later to a Sergeant Mac while he’s having a psychotic episode.

To be fair, the new game makes some efforts to address this… you’re basically a stealth character. At the same time, you do suffer from TMSS… too much stuff syndrome. You have loads of take-down options and it can feel a little overwhelming, and with slightly clunky response on the controls, that hoped-for dimension of sheer alien slick-ass badness is taken away.

I’m looking forward to really getting into AvP as a multiplayer proposition. I really am. I can’t help it if, deep down, I want to be a space ninja.

Rob Hobson

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HTC Legend Bested by bad-ass Desire

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It’s difficult to say that the HTC Legend is going to be anything other than fantastic, for starters it’s an HTC and it’s the replacement to the Hero- a phone legendary in its own right. So imagine Phonica’s excitement when HTC announced a new, higher spec product at MWC.

The spanking new Desire – the official name for the much guessed at Bravo – is a phone with some very antiquated ancestry. This phone is a direct descendent of the aspirational Google Nexus One. In HTC’s traditional manner, they’ve realised the flaws with a Google branded product and announced a new one that’s just better.

Android 2.1, 5MP camera with LED photo light, pinch to zoom, flash web pages, 1GHz processor and an optical trackball all come to the party with the HTC Desire- it’s certainly got Phonica feeling a little covetous. Add to the mix the newly incorporated multi-screen view a-la Sony Xperia X1 and the Sense UI aesthetic upgrade and you have the next phone you wish you could afford.

The great news is that the Desire is reportedly going to be cheaper than the Google Nexus One and Orange and T-Mobile have already announced that the Desire will be free on certain contracts. Have HTC just killed the mobile market? Not if Samsung Bada has anything to say about it…

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