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The CEO of Bigpoint has warned that only those publishers with the right spread of browser, casual and mobile games will ride the digital tidal wave.
Heiko Hubertz is presenting the opening keynote at November’s London Games Conference. The talk, ‘The Future of Online Games’, will explain that good ideas alone will not decide the winners of the digital frontier – it, “depends not only on creativity and technology, but very much on an excellent business model,” he explained.

“Half of all the internet traffic is already generated by online game sites – online games are currently booming. Not only are the sales soaring, but a range of companies in the sector are growing exponentially.

“Being successful with online games means developing a widespread portfolio of browser, casual and mobile games. It also means you must implement new technology to improve the gameplay and offer a selection of new possibilities, like cross-platform multiplayer gaming. To be internationally successful means you have to enter new markets.”

Bigpoint has become a massively powerful force in online games, with a number of hugely popular browser-based MMOs. It runs a number of owned IP games including DarkOrbit, and unveiled open world online browser game PoisonVille at Gamescom. Bigpoint also has deals to make games based on the Battlestar Galactica and Playboy brands.

The London Games Conference takes place on Thursday, November 4th. To book a place, contact

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Gaming Rehab centre opens

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New service setup for ‘screenagers’

At some point in our gaming lives, we’ve all blown our metaphorical top at a video game. Repeatedly dieing at the hands of a final boss, getting piped to the line by another racer, taking bullet after bullet to the face from an unknown enemy; these will all send you into a rage of video-gaming mist that is all but uncontrollable. Until now! Or so it seems…

Richard Graham, a London consultant psychiatrist (please note he’s not a doctor) has established a new rehab service for teenagers who are addicted to their precious electrical items and services. The service is primarily aimed at a young gamer/gadget nut that reacts badly to an order or request to stop. Like any addiction, it’s the stopping that’s the hard part, and this service is aiming to stop the cravings of any ‘screenagers’ (I thought ‘screenRAGERS’ would be better?). So, if you have a teenager who is constantly glued to their mobile phone, internet provider, iPod or gaming console, you’ll know where to send them. You could try parenting first, but that’s not the modern way.

“Mental health services need to adapt quickly to the changing worlds young people inhabit and understand how seriously their lives can be impaired by unregulated time online, on-screen or in-game,” said Graham. Will the service be available online Richard, via XBLA of the PSN Network?

Graham also added that other services are outdated, “borrowing from older models of addiction and substance misuse to very limited effect”. Damn parenting and pills, where have they ever got us?

To be honest, in my teens I would react badly to losing or being told to switch off my video game. I’d whack my Megadrive as if it were a funfair ‘Test your Strength’ game (although the console still works to this day, unbelievably!), throw the controllers around the room, and just general throw a pubescent tantrum. A friend of mine got so angry once, he punched my copy of Micro Machines 2: Turbo Challenge (the one with the extra ports at the top of the cartridge) with such force that he imprinted the port marks onto his fist. So in that respect, any service to stop youngsters doing this is probably a good thing. Think of all the damaged consoles we could save.

It’s strange that this ‘service’ Graham has provided is only available to teenagers. I know plenty of gamers, all in their later 20s early 30s, who still throw ‘wobblys’ at their consoles whenever things go against them. And as a games reviewer, I often dismantle into a puddle of gloopy anger whenever I have to playtest a bad game, so this service could be a big help. Why can’t I come along to one of Graham’s sessions, and unhinge myself from the shackles of this terrible affliction? It’s free I’m guessing?

In all seriousness, and despite the lazy comical tone of this piece, this service is probably a good thing. The police have to deal with numerous calls every year from worried parents, after their children have reacted violently to being told to stop playing. Any service that can help this problem, and give children as young as 12 a chance to break away from their addiction is a good thing. Although in my day, my Mum would have just smacked me on the naked botty and sent me to my room without any supper. Maybe she could get a job working at this rehab centre?

Scott Tierney

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The Nunchuk

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I don’t know why, I just don’t like it.

I’m a big fan of the Wii, and as a result I play a lot of Wii games as both a reviewer and gaming nut. Obviously there are a lot of bad titles out there, and at times you feel as if you’re digging through a rotten haystack of gaming mediocrity, trying to find a diamond needle that makes all the other pap worthwhile. But overall, the Wii’s a lovely little console, that despite its flaws I’d hate to be without. But the one thing about the Wii that annoys me more than all the bad titles put together, is the Nunchuk. Man, how I hate it.

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New game to launch in time for the ODI series between England and Australia

International Cricket 2010, the latest game to join Codemasters’ best-selling cricket portfolio, will be released in the UK on Friday, 18th June 2010 to coincide with the thrilling NatWest Series between England and Australia this summer. The game will be published for the PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

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Publisher: Electronic Arts

Let The game Begin!

Developer: Venan Entertainment

Format: iPhone, iPod Touch

Money is power…and so is property !

Monopoly, monopoly. It’s a popular board game known to all. Brought back childhood memories: unwrapping Mr. Monopoly from under the tree, eager to play my first game only to lose horribly, retreating crying to my room vowing it was the worst present ever. Years later I decided to face my fear and pick up a copy Wii and later decided to get the iPhone version. While the copy for the Wii has the Classic and World Edition together on the iPhone platform it’s two separate versions…how capitalist of EA!

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iPad Will Change the Technology World

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Phonica Magazine is normally focused on mobile and games technology. Apple is a key topic in our writing because of the innovative and exceptional iPhone, the fantastically capable touch device which revolutionised the way we view handheld technology. Now Apple has announced the iPad, a crossover device somewhere between an iPhone and a Macbook- and it’s the most exciting piece of technology the world has ever seen.

Imagine that we once used to interact with our computer with a clunky mouse, our computer stuck to the wall with wires and its monitor equally immovable. Those days are gone. We don’t even need a keyboard anymore. Apple’s iPad is a revolutionary tablet computer which enables the user to manipulate everyday workloads with their hands, browse the full internet at arms length, purchase digital books, videos and music on the move and all of this for just $499.

There’s a lot to tell about the new iPad, the first thing to explain is the reason it’s appearing on a games and mobile phones blog. As the first piece of technology to incorporate all of the tech from one of our favourite phones, the 3GS, into a computing device- and the first piece of tech to allow usage of all the current apps on App Store on anything other than an iPhone or iPod Touch, and a product that will use 3G communication for data, this whole new category of product is directly related to everything Phonica holds dear. In fact it is a new territory and deserves its own space on the current tech landscape.

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