The CEO of Bigpoint has warned that only those publishers with the right spread of browser, casual and mobile games will ride the digital tidal wave.
Heiko Hubertz is presenting the opening keynote at November’s London Games Conference. The talk, ‘The Future of Online Games’, will explain that good ideas alone will not decide the winners of the digital frontier – it, “depends not only on creativity and technology, but very much on an excellent business model,” he explained.

“Half of all the internet traffic is already generated by online game sites – online games are currently booming. Not only are the sales soaring, but a range of companies in the sector are growing exponentially.

“Being successful with online games means developing a widespread portfolio of browser, casual and mobile games. It also means you must implement new technology to improve the gameplay and offer a selection of new possibilities, like cross-platform multiplayer gaming. To be internationally successful means you have to enter new markets.”

Bigpoint has become a massively powerful force in online games, with a number of hugely popular browser-based MMOs. It runs a number of owned IP games including DarkOrbit, and unveiled open world online browser game PoisonVille at Gamescom. Bigpoint also has deals to make games based on the Battlestar Galactica and Playboy brands.

The London Games Conference takes place on Thursday, November 4th. To book a place, contact

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  1. I was a reader of your site for some time but only now decided to comment here, Fantastic work !! Love this Game

  2. Found some cool stuff here Grand Fantasia Grand Fantasia is an anime inspired free-to-play MMORPG with bright graphics, and chibi art style. It takes place in a fantasy world, and features four basic classes, which later on branch out to more specified ones: Fighter, Hunter, Acolyte, and Spellcaster.
    The most unique aspect of Grand Fantasia is its Sprite System. Sprites are essentially a pet, but unlike most MMORPGs they’re the guys in charge of your crafting and resource gathering. You can level up your Sprites improving their masteries, and you can even find items to decorate their rooms, giving them better crafting capabilities, and a more homey environment.

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