Video games producer and developer Eko Software announced Aqua Panic!, a colourful underwater puzzle game available for download from 8th April on PlayStation Network for PS3 and PSP.
A giant hurricane has drawn thousands of fish from the ocean and scattered them all over Earth. In response to this huge environmental disaster, water tanks have been created around the world in order to help send all the fish back to sea. The goal of each level is to help a specific number of fish to reach their natural habitat and back to safety. Players will make use of numerous tools that allow interaction with the environment and to guide the water’s flow in which the fish are carried.

However, the world of Aqua Panic! is fraught with danger and predators have a keen eye on our fishy friends. Sleepy sharks, hungry seagulls, sliding penguins and other giant moray inhabit these waters and will not miss an opportunity to grab an easy lunch.

Aqua Panic! offers a colourful and hectic experience in over 80 levels that begin at a pace suitable for all abilities and progress to a fiendish difficulty.

Aqua Panic! will be available now on PS3 and PSP via PlayStation Network from publisher and developer Eko Software.

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