Following the Runaway Success of its First Mobile Game, Bouncedown, Jagex Publishes Second Casual Title, Star Cannon, on iPhone and iPod Touch

Jagex Games Studio, the UK’s largest independent games company, recently announced the release of Star Cannon, the studio’s second iPhone title. The launch of Star Cannon, a classic arcade-style shooter, follows directly after the huge success of Jagex’s first mobile game, Bouncedown, which topped Apple’s charts with over four million downloads.

“At Jagex we are always looking for new ways to offer our games to the widest possible audience and Star Cannon is the first of a handful of titles we will release this year for the iPhone and iPod Touch,” said Rob Smith, Jagex’s Chief Operating Officer. “We were incredibly happy with the great community feedback from BounceDown, our first iPhone game, we have incorporated this into Star Cannon by building on what makes the original PC version of the game so compelling and adding a host of new features and gameplay specific to the iPhone version.”

Star Cannon combines the entertaining, compelling game play and high quality graphics players can expect from all of Jagex‘s games. In Star Cannon, players command a heavily-armed space vessel against an intelligent, alien enemy force. To reward all of the company’s loyal fans who help make Jagex games a tremendous success, Star Cannon will be launching with a special introductory discounted price of £0.59 GBP ($0.90 USD) for a limited time only. Jagex plans to release multiple titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms throughout the year.

Star Cannon is available to download today from the Apple App Store.

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