To Err is Human, To March is Muscle

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announced that MUSCLE MARCH is now available for download on Nintendo’s WiiWare service for 800 WiiPoints.  Delivering an experience like no other, MUSCLE MARCH gives players the opportunity to step into the form-fitting briefs as one of seven body building personas from around the world.  Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to strike super muscular body-building poses to fit through holes in walls as you chase thieves who have stolen precious protein powder from your merry band of muscle heads.

You are a member in the exclusive Muscle March club, a troupe of body builders whom are tasked with transporting protein around the globe.  While pumping iron in the gym one day, nefarious thieves steal a bottle of your most precious protein.  The chase is on as you and your muscularly ripped companions try to nab the thieves and get the protein back.

MUSCLE MARCH features two gameplay modes for body types of all shapes and sizes.  Muscle March mode takes players through the game’s story mode.  Race through city streets as your gluts glisten in the sun, bust through an old village as you flex your pecs, or marvel at technological advancements in a space station as you shred your delts.  Players can also test their endurance muscle with Endless Rush mode.  Tackle an endless set of obstacles at an ever increasing speed alone or against three friends.  Show off your precision body builder skills across both modes to become a god of muscle.

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  1. I’ve been using it for years and wouldnt use anything else!

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