Send Your Adversaries Running With Dual Pistols


Paragon Studios Launches City of Heroes Going Rogue Pre-purchase Program

Players of City of Heroes, the world’s most popular super-powered hero MMO, now have the opportunity to supercharge their characters. Players who pre-purchase the Going Rogue expansion will be granted instant access to multiple power sets leading up to its release. As seen in the Dual Pistols video released , players who pre-purchase can now run and gun in City of Heroes with twice the punch by wielding twin customizable guns with swappable ammo. Later this April, those that pre-purchase the expansion will have access to another power set coming in Going Rogue, Demon Summoning, the new mastermind power set featuring elemental demons and hellfire whips.

The new power sets are just one of many features coming to City of Heroes players with Going Rogue, the first City of Heroes expansion since the launch of City of Villains. In addition to sweeping graphics upgrades and new content, Going Rogue introduces an innovative alignment system that gives players the ability to explore the shades of gray between Heroism and Villainy, unprecedented in any other comic book-inspired MMO. The expansion is currently available at NCsoft’s online store for an MSRP €19.99/£17.99.

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