Gala Networks Europe, leading free-to-play games publisher and operator of online portal, is delighted to announce that the highly anticipated MMO Canaan Online re-opened its servers. The world’s first fully flash-based MMORPG is now live, following the implementation of many updates from successful customer-led beta testing.

Updates to the game include a complete reworking of the character naming process as well as implementing new chat filters for ease of use. Quest localisation into English, French and German has been tremendously improved. Various smaller user interface issues have been addressed and corrected, such as moving the hints and tips from in-game to the loading screens.

As a reward for those players who have taken part in the beta and help to make the game what it is today, players who have reached level 15 or higher will receive a beta pet of supreme quality in their in-game mail. In addition, several competitions will run to celebrate the launch of the game. These will include a desktop wallpaper contest based on the Fansite Kit posted online for download on February 11, as well as a contest for users to write the best ‘beginners guide’ to help new players get into the action. Prizes for these will include an exclusive one-of-a-kind pet otherwise not available in the game!

From developer XPEC Entertainment, Canaan Online is a fantasy MMO presented in an attractive anime style. Featuring an in-depth pet system where creatures are captured, trained and traded with other players, Canaan Online also allows players to make new friends, form guilds, run their own item shops and more in this accessible, completely browser-based interactive adventure experience.

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