Sid Meier’s Pirates!

On Guard!


Publisher: Concrete Software in Partnership with Oasys Mobile

Format: Blackberry

Everyone is app crazy. Thanks to Apple and it’s pioneered app store we saw mobile phone manufacturers respond as fast as they could, desperate to close the gap that Apple revealed.

In past years, we were quite happy with purchasing games for mobile phones, so the platform for developing applications was there already. Apple didn’t reinvent the wheel…Instead they removed the limitations and encouraged development of anything and everthing under the sun as an app, creating an elitist add on to support their presence in the mobile market.

RIM, a smartphone manufacturer who truly stands out from the bunch. The Blackberry App World is home to over 5000 apps geared towards the blackberry niche market. I decided to download Sid Meier’s Pirates!

The game is set in the New World (later named the Caribbean) between 1560 – 1680, the early war times between the Spanish, French, English and Dutch. Depending on the time period selected you get a brief history on the era. As captain you get to choose what nationality you would like to be (only for purposes of the game….don’t get carried away), one special ability and the difficulty level. I decided to stick with the French and chose Gunnery as my special ability, seeing that would help increase my chances of hitting my target during a naval battle.

And off I set sail with the difficulty level of an Adventurer, eager to blast the Spanish, English and Dutch; not to mention the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow (PIRATES!)  As Captain you learn  to fence, with three weapons to choose from. This comes in handy when you crash into a ship or challenge the governor for ownership of any non French colonies.

The New World

You sail the seas, chase pirates and other ships and attack towns…pillage and plunder all in the name of France. Sounds easy, but you also have to keep your crew satisfied, least you want a mutiny on your hands. Also pay attention to your navigation… I lost a handful of ships after hitting a few reefs.

Overall this game is fun, with easy to manage controls and a great way to entertain yourself. Only regret is you can’t opt to actually be a pirate!

Kevin Leonce

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