God of War Collection

Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developers: SCE Santa Monica Studio, Bluepoint Games

Format: PS3

Available: Now (import only)

A great box set, or two extended fingers from Sony?

OK, let’s keep this quick. Personally I’ve seen enough God of War III previews and magazine covers plastered with Kratos’s face to last me a lifetime. I can’t wait to play GOW3, and from what has been seen it looks every bit as epic and overwhelming as the originals, but this hype is getting ridicules. Still, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the original PS2 classics, especially since they’ve just been re-released as a double pack for the PS3.

The God of War Collection features remastered versions of 2005’s God of War, and 2007’s God of War II. Both classics in their own right and both featuring gloriously violent chunks of action packed gaming, both titles are regarded as the best the PS2 had to offer. And time hasn’t diminished them in the slightest. Well, I say that. In all honesty they are showing significant signs of their age, despite the reworked visuals and options.

Bluepoint Games have taken both games back to their digitals gyms, and have put them through their paces with torturous training regimes (not really, that’s just a witty play on words). Both games feature HD 720p visuals, anti-aliased graphics locked in at 60 frames per second and ego boosting Trophies. It’s a shame the audio hasn’t been given the same treatment, and some of the cut scenes could do with sharpening up, but hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. At the end of it all, we’re left with two classic games that are gleaming with polish. And silly red body paint. And blood….and scars.

As said, there are a few flaws, with the main problem being signposting, or the lack of it. If you’ve played the GOW games before then this won’t be a problem, and your gaming experience will just be a merry blood-soaked skip down memory lane. But for newcomers, chances are you will get stuck; a lot! There are dead ends, complex puzzles that don’t openly divulge their point or outcome, and a lot of the time you’ll totally miss a door way or pathway as the camera isn’t in the right place. It’s not a massive problem in general, and to be fair it doesn’t spoil either game, but it does show how far game design has come in just five short years.

So the GOW Collection is a fantastic package and a fitting tribute to two great games. But the whole idea of repackaging two games and reselling them still leaves a bad taste in the mouth, especially when it comes to Sony. As we all know, Sony have this perception that as soon as something is old, or it has been updated by a newer product, it should be quietly led aside and put in front of a firing squad. For example, most PS3’s (bar one early model) don’t have back-compatibility for PS2 games, and the new PSP Go doesn’t have a UMD drive. They’re basically saying that if you’ve got any old games on the PS1, PS2 or PSP, burn them and re-buy them.

So for Sony to release both GOW games for around £30, regardless of the new clarity, smacks of a cash-grabbing rip-off. Sure these games have been reworked and polished, but if you’ve got an Xbox 360, and want to play the original Xbox Halo games in a similar quality for instance, you don’t have to re-buy them. You just pop them in your Xbox 360 and it immediately upscales them, free of charge. For Sony to charge you for something that Microsoft (and Nintendo to a certain extent) does for free is a bit naughty, and not particularly endearing.

But, despite the morals and ethics of Sony’s marketing, the God of Way Collection is a fantastic set for both newbie’s and veterans. And for around £30 (via Ebay) that’s not bad at all, and it’ll act as a nice warm-up until the over hyped GOW3 touches down. Still, why Sony can’t do this for free I don’t know. Boooo!

Scott Tierney

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