Gala Networks Europe, the leading free-to-play online games publisher, is delighted to announce that Allods Online, the subscription-less fantasy space opera MMORPG, started Open Beta across Europe!

The Open Beta version of the game is now available from the portal where Allods Online is hosted. Players need only to sign in with their usual account name, or sign up if not already a account holder. The Allods Online client can be downloaded from:

For those who have already played Allods Online in one of its Closed Beta versions, the game client will update automatically and several features from previous phases will be carried over to Open Beta.

Additionally, players who have already reached level 17 and beyond in previous versions should note down their characters name from the Closed Beta Test (CBT) phases, as they will have their name reserved on their account to use in creating a new character.

Furthermore, guild leaders with guilds of 24 or more members, will retain sole rights over that guild and will be the only people able to create a guild with that name.

All active CBT accounts will be rewarded with one unique in-game item (a ring with some benefits). Details on this reward will be given to players further on at

All these rewards will be available only until Tuesday 16th March.

Allods Online is an amazing MMORPG with unique game features that will open a new era in the F2P market,” says Hyun Hur, CEO Gala Networks Europe. “After a long time of Closed Beta testing and polishing the game in cooperation with the developer Astrum Nival, we’re glad to open the game to all players today, for our Open Beta. Players can now enjoy the variety of classes, quests, monsters and combat. PvE, PvP or even Ship vs. Ship battles on land and in the Astral space make Allods Online one of the most expected games in 2010.”

For more information please visit the official Allods website:

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