Publisher: Electronic Arts

Let The game Begin!

Developer: Venan Entertainment

Format: iPhone, iPod Touch

Money is power…and so is property !

Monopoly, monopoly. It’s a popular board game known to all. Brought back childhood memories: unwrapping Mr. Monopoly from under the tree, eager to play my first game only to lose horribly, retreating crying to my room vowing it was the worst present ever. Years later I decided to face my fear and pick up a copy Wii and later decided to get the iPhone version. While the copy for the Wii has the Classic and World Edition together on the iPhone platform it’s two separate versions…how capitalist of EA!

I opted for the Classic version. Up to four persons can play with Pass’N Play or WiFi Multiplayer, up to two with the Bluetooth Multiplayer or you can play against the computer. I must admit I was curious to see how Apple’s Touch interface would enhance gameplay with this game. With an experience comparable to the Wii, the board is fully interactive. You can set the House Rules, drag your finger across the board or the Mange icons at the bottom of your screen to manage property, trade or to end your turn. You roll the dice by giving your iPhone a nice shake! And to top it off you can listen to your music uninterrupted while playing.

Give it a shake to roll the dice

The animation and sound of the playing pieces adds to the vibrancy of the game. It’s a bit of a disappointment that Mr. Monopoly is mute and not particularly animated. But hey we can’t have everything on the iPhone can we? I conquered my fear, won my first game so I’m all happy (even though I landed on income tax on almost every round) and had a great experience play Monopoly Classic. A great game for all to enjoy, especially when stuck on the Central line.

Kevin Leonce

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