iPad Will Change the Technology World




Phonica Magazine is normally focused on mobile and games technology. Apple is a key topic in our writing because of the innovative and exceptional iPhone, the fantastically capable touch device which revolutionised the way we view handheld technology. Now Apple has announced the iPad, a crossover device somewhere between an iPhone and a Macbook- and it’s the most exciting piece of technology the world has ever seen.

Imagine that we once used to interact with our computer with a clunky mouse, our computer stuck to the wall with wires and its monitor equally immovable. Those days are gone. We don’t even need a keyboard anymore. Apple’s iPad is a revolutionary tablet computer which enables the user to manipulate everyday workloads with their hands, browse the full internet at arms length, purchase digital books, videos and music on the move and all of this for just $499.

There’s a lot to tell about the new iPad, the first thing to explain is the reason it’s appearing on a games and mobile phones blog. As the first piece of technology to incorporate all of the tech from one of our favourite phones, the 3GS, into a computing device- and the first piece of tech to allow usage of all the current apps on App Store on anything other than an iPhone or iPod Touch, and a product that will use 3G communication for data, this whole new category of product is directly related to everything Phonica holds dear. In fact it is a new territory and deserves its own space on the current tech landscape.

If you haven’t already seen the release event video then you should check it out. There’s only so much we can write about and a lot more to see. This tablet is something to behold. Anyone who has a head on their shoulders will know that the app route is guaranteed to be infinitely more usable than any Windows based tablet, and I’m not a fanboy- just a realist. Apple’s capacitive touchscreen technology is brilliant, always has been. There won’t be a smoother tablet available for a long time. The 1GHz processor might sound a little on the light side, especially as the Google Nexus One is running a processor with the same speed, but as it’s an Apple A4 processor I’ll be the first to bet that it’s more than capable.

Check out the iWork section of the presentation to see just how powerful this device is, performing advanced presentation and composition activities with ease. The way that the work is manipulated (with that word having a direct lexical relation to the the Latin for hand) seems like the way work should always have been. I feel particularly retro sitting here in the office, with my backside glued to a chair and my hands glued to a keyboard and mouse when I know that I could be sat at home with my feet up in front of the television whilst I casually stroked my way through spreadsheets and word processing documents. What’s more, the individual applications for iWork will sell for just $9.99 each.

To add to the excitement caused worldwide by this brand new category of tech, there’s the promise of iPad specific apps- let’s just hope the quality control on these is better than some of the rubbish that ends up on the iPhone App Store. To close, I’ll apologise for the purely devoted sound of this article, I tried my best not to gush but this is Apple and they’re hardly ever fallible. This new product is sure to help them maintain their spot as the number one mobile technology producer worldwide. I can’t wait to get my manipulative little fingers on one.

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  1. I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view.

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