Supreme Commander 2 – robot madness, seriously


When you’re given a robot that shoots tanks out of its cannon you know you’re in for a hell of a ride.

In 2007, THQ released the spiritual sequel to Total Annihilation in the form of a suped-up resource-eating strategic robofest in the form of Supreme Commander. Based around the maxim that “mass scale is our strategy” Supreme Commander had features such as the huge zoom out/in that allowed you to either examine the nuts and bolts of your mechanical army or play make-pretend and act like a 4 Star General commanding vast legions of little signs and squiggles on the screen.

Multiplayer was a blast if your computer could handle it (and very few could) and watching your little Mech Marines running full tilt into a wall of solid metal can be outrageously fun to mess about with.
However, the single player was lacking somewhat, and the lack of a coherent storyline was telling.

In Supreme Commander 2, there are enough changes to make it a better game but enough of the same to keep it in line with what we have come to expect. The same Commander is there, churning out the construction factories, metal extractors and energy facilities we’ve all become used to seeing in previous incarnations. On the other hand, changes in the mech line-up means that we’re faced with more and more strategic choices, choices that are surprisingly refreshing to take. How to ally your Tier 3 artillery units with your air superiority fighters, whether or not to take an escort of anti-air cruisers along with your flagship aircraft carrier – they’re all there for the thinking.
I’m personally more of a turtle player – I’ll stick up the defences and bring out the big guns and shell the lot into submission.

By far the biggest change is the difference in requirements in your computer. Supreme Commander 1 suffered majorly due to the excessive demands it put on the computers, and with its sequel looking like it has shed a lot of dead weight and slimmed down into a much more refined and accessible game, personally I cannot wait for this. Easily one of the top strategy games to hit in 2010, watch this space… if it doesn’t get blown to pieces.

Paul Park

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