We Love Shiny Things


In times of need, in times of desperation- we get tired of the same old shabby things. God knows if there’s anything the world needs right now it’s a little beautification, a little glamour and sparkle. Well it seems that Vodafone have the answer…

This week sees the release of a new Phonica Magazine, the first of the new year. A new year means a new hope (slightly less urgent than the new hope from a galaxy far, far away but still appreciated), will 2010 see the end of the financial nightmares which overcast 2008/9? As if to prove the point the Vodafone 533 Crystal has winged its way into my filthy mitts for review.

Oh but it’s shiny! A few scores of Swarovski crystals line it’s exterior, but when you’re a phone geek like me- it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And what’s on the inside? Well let’s be honest, if you’re thinking about buying this phone you don’t really care. It’s glitzy, it’s glamourous, it looks like my 6 year old niece got hold of it with her Sticky Sparkles kit and lost the plot.

In the wake of handling such a fantastically superficial phone, I’m embarking on a little project of my own. Just to remind everyone of the finer things in life, the things which we should all aspire to- like looking like Katie Price, or thinking like Paris Hilton – I’m going to make everything I own a little more sparkly.

I’m starting with my brain. If anyone knows how to put tooth gems (oh weren’t they sexy?) on your cerebellum, please let me know. I’m hoping I may be accidentally and glamourously lobotomised at same time, so I’d prefer that my brain surgeon had a comparable IQ to someone shiny like Jessica Simpson.

If the shiny sparkles on the new Vodafone 533 Crystal don’t fool you, you’re probably some disillusioned cynic in their crepuscular years- and if you understood that sentence then you definitely should think twice before you buy the Vodafone 533 Crystal. For a full review check out the online magazine and woe betide you.


Charles Thompson


For more of the latest in the mobile phone and gaming world download the Phonica Magazine UK App here!



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