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Here’s possibly the worst game ever: a fork-lift truck simulator. Ever wanted to know what it would be like to work in a warehouse? Well now you can. This is just so hard to get my head round that I’ve just copied the developer’s press release and highlighted my favourite parts. Enjoy.

Excalibur Publishing Ltd invites players to get behind the controls of a forklift truck from the comfort of their own computer. As of January 2010 you will be able to slip into the role of a forklift truck driver and carry out a number of different tasks.

Your task is to master a range of jobs in varying environments and difficulties. Load and unload lorries and train carriages against the clock and store goods on different height shelves in warehouses. You will be working on original STILL forklift trucks of which
the attention to detail will be appreciated by any forklift truck enthusiast.

To make the experience a bit more realistic you begin in a training mode to learn your controls and achieve your license in order to continue to the missions. There is also a “free play” mode which allows you to drive freely and choose where to go and what to do with the goods.

Robert Stallibrass of Excalibur Publishing says: “We are delighted to add Forklift Truck to our range of Simulators. The developers at Astragon have a great sense of detail and have worked hard to make this experience as realistic as possible. ”

The product will retail at £24.99, is available on pre-order at and will officially hit the shelves in all major game retailers on 29th January 2010.

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2 Responses to “Simply Psycho Sim”

  1. Great stuff. I have been browsing around and I enjoyed it. Selah.

  2. Wow. I really enjoyed reading this article I m very impressed with your work. One thing I can say is that this blog is one of the best Ive read till date.. Keep up the good workk.

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