Rockstar San Diego called out on bad business practices


On 8 Jan 2010 the wives of the developers at Rockstar San Diego wrote an open letter to the popular gaming website Gamasutra regarding the business practices and conditions that their husbands were being forced to endure.

Management at Rockstar San Diego apparently has notched the deal up by enforcing 12 hour work days, including on Saturday, with false promises of compensation time. Not to mention the cut in vacation time, medical benefits and the loss of overtime pay completely.
Legal action is threatened although the letter had stated that they wished for their letter to be the catalyst for change. Diagnosed cases of depression and suicidal tendencies are mentioned, with the conditions at work severely affecting family life and their health.

For such a big games producer to be hit by a nasty bit of PR like this with Christmas having just passed cannot be good news, but if these allegations are true then Rockstar really have to look at themselves. A few years back, an “EA Spouse” had penned a similar letter detailing bad work practices at the EA offices and a class action suit was filed against EA. The developers eventually were awarded $14.9 million for unpaid overtime (Christ, how many hours were they forced into?)

It seems like Rockstar has been pushing these guys as hard as slaves and treated them like such. I hope for the sake of all games across the world that this gets sorted out soon. Expect boycotts of their next game if it isn’t fixed by then.

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