The King is Dead! Long Live the King!


Images of the Mountain View press conference started pouring through my television screen at ten o’clock this evening. Shortly before that I nearly lost an eye whilst eating a late dinner; as the innocuous host of BBC’s Click whipped out a Google Nexus One in front of my eyes! I nearly cried. “The Nexus One!” I yelled at my bemused friends, “it’s here!” Whilst they nonchalantly ignored my geekish fanaticism I skipped through my iPod touch’s Sky Remote Record app, recording nearly every news channel I could see. I wasn’t going to miss this for the world!

So geek out over, I sifted through the endless online coverage that detailed the wonderful news. Even though everyone knew it (the web was bursting at the seams), it’s still amazing to finally see him finally delivered- and so bonnie! HTC’s had a very special baby boy, and his father is Google! Hallelujah! Jeff Buckley sings from behind the pearly gates… Google sent Nexus One to cleanse the iPhone’s sins. But enough of this blasphemy on the epiphany, for shame! What really matters is the tech.

Nexus One was always said to be quick, extraordinarily quick. Now we know why. A 1GHz Snapdragon processor lurks underneath, puffing balls of smoke out of its nostrils safe in the knowledge that an iPhone couldn’t catch it in a Bugatti Veyron. The screen’s not far off the expectations, Google opting to go for a more iPhonish ratio and keeping the AMOLED display restricted to 480 x 800 pixels. That’s 2.5X more than an iPhone. The facts are starting to stack up against Apple’s monster.

Ok so what? The screen and processor mean nothing if the OS is rubbish. But it’s not. In fact it’s astonishing. Voice recognition throughout. Google Maps with turn by turn navigation. Every App known to Android (more than 20,000 and a lot of them fantastic). Noise cancelling technology, yeah you heard right (sorry). Interactive wallpapers (OK, so it’s not a big deal really but… Wicked! Right?) And in a move that’ll surely send chills up Steve Jobs’ spine, usually HTC’s with Android (2.1 in this case) are pretty good at making phone calls.

But that’s not all, just to wrap up why this phone is THE iPhone killer: 5 MP Camera with adjustable focus, LED Flash and a price tag of £330 brand new, SIM free, ready to work on any UK network from today! And yes, that is more than £100 less than the iPhone. Only catch is, you gotta pay it all up front. Until Vodafone brings it over that is. Oh yes, the King is dead. Long live the King!

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