2010 – The Year of the Mobile


Welcome to the new decade. If by some strange scientific anomaly you have been mistakenly transported to the future, but are relatively competent with the use of the internet (amazingly! Seriously, well done you!), I have some disappointing news for you… although we’ve successfully managed to pour more information into this virtual space than actually existed in the world before its invention- we still don’t have hovercars or houses on the moon. Yes, Kubrick was definitely out of shape with 2001: A Space Odyssey- awesome and confusing thought it is (much like the internet).

What we do have is a bunch of awesome little communication devices which let us do everything you can imagine out of the palm of our hand. Luckily for you, 2010 happens to be the year we expect to be revolutionary for the mobile phone. Here are just a few things we can’t wait for- in order of awesomeness:

1) Flash Supporting Browsers

2) 4G Network Speeds

3) New iPhone

4) HTC Legend

5) Google Nexus One

6) Firefox Mobile

7) Voice Supported Everything

8 ) A Billion New Apps

9) Longer Lasting Batteries on Smartphones

10) Hoverboards

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5 Responses to “2010 – The Year of the Mobile”

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  2. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

  3. This is inspiring I think I will start a blog myself one day in italian of course. Great post, grazie.

  4. Hi – just a short note to say thanks for this entry. Very good.

  5. Hello, first I want to say great blog. I don’t always agree with your posts but it’s always a great read.
    Keep up the nice blogging.

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