Phone News Dies a Festive Death, Thank Heavens for the N900!

I was looking very hard for just a scrap of phone news this week, in between the food and drink and hours of game-time with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (which I missed out on first time round) and the football too- of course. But there wasn’t any! No new news about phones at all! So it is with great displeasure that I convey the only minute morsel of phone news that actually matters to emerge over the last week. Honestly, there’s literally nothing else to say.

OK, so I might have been a little harsh to demote the wonderful news that the only Nokia worth having (in my extremely biased opinion) is finally coming to Vodafone to being pathetic. But seriously, it kind of is. Everyone knows that since the iPhone has become non-exclusive in the UK, that almost every handset available is destined to make an appearance at Vodafone at some time or another.

It may be that I’ve just talked to a Northern Irish Vodafone call centre worker called Melanie (whose vocal seduction powers rival Spotify’s Roberta), but right now I’m extremely pleased with Vodafone. They seem to just have it all going for them at the moment, reasonable 3G speeds in well fed areas, the iPhone coming on the 14th of January- and now the N900. Fact is, they’re just pretty damned good. And it’s for exactly this reason that I’m neither surprised nor excited by the fact that the N900 is coming to the network.

However, should my editor see fit to endow me with a lovely N900 internet tablet for review, I’m sure the news would be pouring through the high resolution screen with the power of Niagara Falls- in the flash supported Firefox browser of my dreams… OK, so there is a little bit to get excited by. But seriously, we’re all tied up in more important things at this time of year- like using our iPhones to find out where the best New Years Eve bash is.

So forget about this paltry bit of info and have a Happy New Year from the whole Phonica team

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  1. I really liked your blog! super

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