Final Fantasy XIV Closed Beta now accepting applicants

Something that might have slipped under the radar with all the Christmas games news flooding out recently is that Square Enix have begun accepting applications for closed beta testers for their upcoming MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

Taking place in a land far, far away (as usual) called Hydaelyn, Final Fantasy XIV is currently looking at a release date mid to late 2010.
With flawless graphics and a fluid, fantastical storyline once again the core features of the new MMO, FF14 will embrace the dual-platform gaming of the previous MMO of the series, Final Fantasy XI.

Players will band under one of four city states that originally called for warriors across their lands in order to counter an incoming attack from a mysterious nation from the East, the Garlean Empire. Unfortunately an attack never occurred and the warriors now are jobless, forming guilds and calling themselves adventurers.

Veering completely away from the traditional character development that is present in current MMOs such as World of Warcraft, Lineage and Guild Wars, FF14 will have players using a Job System, wielding different weapons and tools in order to take on the role of their choosing – for example, equipping a Gladius will turn the player into a Gladiator, a heavily armoured front line specialist.
The roles are grouped under 4 “Disciplines” – War (master of arms), Magic (master of magic), Land (gatherers and students of nature) and Hand (production and creation).
Along with the Job System, the other major significant change is the move away from focusing around levels and experience points and instead channelling player’s aims on new weapons and skills.

With 5 confirmed races and 12 classes, FF14 promises to have more lying in wait for fans- and from the screenshots and trailers currently up on the internet, there are murmurings behind the scenes that this may be the final blow that the industry needs to bring down the current might of the MMO juggernaut World of Warcraft.

Paul Park

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