Medal of Honor to be rated 17+… wha?


Now, I’m not usually fussed about the rating of a game because I don’t really care much about storylines and whatnot – I’m a gameplay gamer, and I just look to eke out every single drop of enjoyment I can from a game (unless it’s achievements on World of Warcraft, don’t go there).

But when Greg Goodrich, executive producer of the new upcoming Medal of Honor, stated in a fan’s Q&A that the game was going to be rated at M, the first thing that came to mind was Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Because it has swearing in it!

Seriously, if you go watch the trailers that are up, you’ll find videos of soldiers all around the player f***-ing and sh*t-ing as bullets fly overhead as they try to push back enemy troops, with a noticeable rise in said profanity when a tank pops up and starts shelling their position.

What I’m trying to say is that most shooters already have most of the criteria filled in to be rated pretty high on the age consent list. Off the top of my head, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 (not the one that came out a few weeks ago) has the following: killing, blood, violence to an extreme degree, explosions, torture/interrogation, heck, one of the NPCs blow another’s head off right in front of you!

So I’m expecting there to be at least one battle where the NPCs around you are yelling obscenities off the top of their heads while you calmly (of course) take out opposition soldiers, watching their heads explode in a rather theatrical way with a backdrop of tracers, explosions and the usual smoking shell of a tank and/or house.

Paul Park

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