Plants vs Zombies… innocent killing fun!

This is it. Plant's vs Zombies that is, Jacko's not remaking the thriller video






Who knew that mixing cute little flowers with the blood and gore of zombies would be so damn addictive? Popcap, the people behind the awesome pick-up-and-play games Peggle and Bejeweled, have brought together the cheese and chalk of the gaming spectrum to create a tower defence game that is mindblowingly addictive.

As of now, the market is saturated with your average tower defence game, whether it is on the PC or on your smartphone (I have 3 on my T-Mobile G1… don’t ask) and to be completely honest I wouldn’t blame you if the words “ugh, another TD game…” ran through your mind.
If it did, hold on a minute.

The creator of the wonderful little timewasters Peggle and Bejeweled have gone another step up the ladder with their first tower defence game, Plants vs Zombies. In it, you must defend your little cottage from rows of brain-hungry zombies that are trudging up your garden path with the sole (the usual) aim of putting your grey matter into their bellies.

However, armed with a HUGE array of flowers to defend yourself, the zombies face potential annihilation if faced with a General that can harness the organic power of the environment and push back the hordes of evil.

That might have sounded as if the game was really serious, but as soon as you enter into battle you’ll immediately know that once you get off the computer for a trip to the loo, your little sister or brother can nick your seat without the threat of being confronted by something that will scare the living daylights out of them.

In all honesty, it’s simply a fantastic little game that will keep you in your seat long after your dinner has gone cold and your friends have given up trying to call you out to the pub.

Now, I need to get back to level god-knows-what… flower tending is serious business!

Paul Park

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