Merry Christmas!


Hey to all the Phonica readers out there! We hope you’re waking up to a bunch of brand new tech in your stockings.  Just wanted to say Merry Christmas from myself and Mr Claus himself, who I’m proud to say is officially a Phonica addict. If you wanna check out more of what made the jolly, red giant giggle and gasp check out Phonica’s Magazine here. Here’s a peek at our wishlist, which we delivered to Santa personally today when he visited the Phonica Blog base.

Santa Hits up Resident Evil 0

1) Google Nexus One

2) Mass Effect 2

3) Gran Turismo 5

4) HTC Legend

5) God of War 3

6) Final Fantasy XIII

7) iPhone 4G

8 ) Resident Evil 5

9) Motorola Sholes

10) Bioshock 2

We don’t think we’re asking much for the new year… It’ll all be covered by Phonica in extensive detail and courtesy of the big guy.

Merry Christmas form the Phonica Team

For more of the latest in the mobile phone and gaming world download the Phonica Magazine UK App here!



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