Google Nexus One – Harrison Ford’s worst nightmare or just the Nexus Wannabe?


Enough of a title to whet any geeks appetite. From the titular reference to one of the greatest () sci-fi films of all time, Blade Runner, and the hint that this phone will – like its namesake – be a rebel and certainly superior in every sense to the current generation of Androids. To the fact that literally every geek forum and phone related blog, website or Twitter account is alight with slowly emerging details of the phone. The Google Nexus One (or N1, as it will inevitably be dubbed) is the talk of tech town.

Even given the currently blurry and underexposed photography we currently have to go on, plus one it’s a phenomenon that the phone has captured public interest quite so much. Who got this excited when the HTC Legend was announced (apart from me)? So what is it about this phone which prompts such a powerful response? Well let’s think about the parties involved, tech giant and now serious phone force Google are the company launching the product (although recent battery evidence suggests the phone is made by early Android adopters HTC). If their OS is anything to go by, Google knows a thing or two about smartphones. And the competitors are the makers of almost every sexy bit of kit you aspire to owning, Apple. Put those two heavyweights together and you can expect a clash to rival the Thrilla in Manila.

So what do we know? Well actually very little. Despite the amount of leaked info, there’s very little of a technical nature that’s reached the grapevine. What seems to be the case, gleaned from a number of hands-on speculators is this: 5 MP Camera with what appears to be an LED flash, WVGA resolution (480 x 854) OLED screen, Android 2.1 interface, 3.5 mm headphone jack and a damned quick processor to power all those gorgeous animated (and interactive) backgrounds. Sounds awesome. Have a butchers at some of the pictures that have sparked all this fervour below and let us know what you think. Will you be dropping your iPhone like my girlfriend is hints about Xmas presents, or just waiting to see what Apple beats the Nexus Wannabe with?

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2 Responses to “Google Nexus One – Harrison Ford’s worst nightmare or just the Nexus Wannabe?”

  1. You Rock…

    this is looking to be a very nice articles thank you…

  2. Harrison is incredbily talented. I don’t think I’ve ever not liked one of his movies.

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