80s classic Paperboy is coming to the iPhone

Launch those papers and power-slide that bike, all on your iPhone

Everyone loves Paperboy. Its simple premise of throwing papers through windows, avoiding craters in the pavement (where did he live; Maplesville Road, Iraq?) and occasionally crashing into rabid dogs was a world wide hit, and an instant classic. Whether you were playing it on the Spectrum, the GameBoy, the Megadrive, or even on your PC, it still ticked all the right boxes that a game should; and now it’s coming to the iPhone.

Fans of the rag-chucker have been lobbying for ages, trying to get Paperboy an appearance on the iPhone. Well, thanks to Elite Systems, the UK based developer and electronic publisher of mobile and portable games, their wish has been granted.

In a recent interview with CGN, the UK based firm have said; “It’s hoped that the English-language versions of Paperboy will go live on App Stores on Friday 18 December 2009, or soon thereafter and non-English-language versions soon after that.”

Although a trailer and a selection of screenshots are due to be released shortly, it’s probably pointless viewing them, as we all know what to expect for this ancient classic. There’s going to be a kid (or boy) on a bike, and he’s going to be delivering local news sheets (or papers) to the surrounding neighbourhood. Just a guess…..

Personally, I can’t wait for this little gem to hit the iPhone, and fingers crossed it’ll control as well as always. Eat paper, mad old man! Bosh!

Scott Tierney


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