Square Enix Stands up for Western Games – and a Free Japanese Lesson


Here’s a little Japanese lesson for you. In a recent TV interview, Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada said that he thinks Japanese gamers need to be more open minded when it comes to Western titles.

Western games are referred to as youge 洋ゲー whereas domestic games are simple called games ゲーム. Wada’s argument is that the “you” prefix makes Western games seem somehow less than.

He might say that but then proper toilets that allow the user to sit down are known as youshiki 洋式, or Western style, which as anyone who’s tried to use a squat toilet will tell you are definitely more than.

It’s best not to refer to anything apart from the loo as youshiki or people will start to think you’re very strange.

Wada might also have another motive for promoting the cause of Western games in Japan: Square Enix publishes Modern Warfare 2 there.

[via Kotaku]

Ian Duncan

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