Medal of Honour plans its triumphant return


No doubt one of the biggest influences in the success of the current head honcho of the FPS market: Modern Warfare 2, EA and EA DICE are planning the retaking of the throne with “the most authentic modern war experience” in its new title that is simply named Medal of Honor.

I remember back when I was LAN-ing it up with friends- messing about with the games on the computers there, and finding a game merely titled MOHAA.exe. The same night we ended up playing a good 30 hours of the campaign between the 6 of us and professing our love of the Medal of Honor series.
Over the next few years we’d play stuff like Rising Sun, Frontline, a bit of Pacific Assault and finally a little of Heroes 2. There is no argument that Medal of Honor paved the way for other FPS games to take up their challenge on EA. With most of its games set in the World War 2 era, playing as American soldiers battling to prevail against the waves of the German war machine, Medal of Honor was a breath of fresh air where games like Timesplitters and Bond shooters were all too present.

Come back to the present and one of the games that Medal of Honor influenced and helped grow into the phenomenon it is today is at the top of the games market. Call of Duty has definitely benefited from the huge surge in the popularity of FPS games that Medal of Honor first instilled in the gaming community.

The new Medal of Honor game promises to be “the most authentic modern war experience,” enlisting the help of specialist soldiers known only as Tier 1 Operators that actually do exist, working in the National Command Authority as a sort of ultimate marksman role. With their guidance straight from the start, Medal of Honor promises to provide an insight into the minds of these elite soldiers.
Of course, in the middle of all this seriousness, there has to be that fun factor. By enlisting the support of the EA DICE crew that was responsible for the multiplayer experiences behind the Battlefield series as well as the recent Xbox phenomenon Mirror’s Edge, EA are set on combining silky smooth multiplayer with the wealth of game time that a truly in-depth single player brings – something that players of the Modern Warfare series cannot argue with.

I for one cannot wait for this. Set for release in 2010 and already scribbled into the margin of my calendar, EA is planning to drop a tactical nuke straight from the wilderness. And it sounds awesome.

Paul Park

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