“Oi, nutter!”: Worms comes to the iPhone

Remember Worms? Of course you do! Way back when computers were called things like “486” the little guys blasted onto PC screens. Well now they’re back on the iPhone.

In case you don’t remember Worms here’s a little re-cap: you take on a team of four murderous worms in an attempt to wipe out your friend’s team of equally murderous nematodes. To help you achieve this end your worms have somehow come into possession of an arsenal that the Taliban would be envious off: you can blast your opponents off the map with a bazooka or send an exploding sheep to do away with them.

Worms is all about having fun and developers Team 17 claim they have condensed down the experience of the original games to work on the iPhone. Two versions of the game are being released – the lite version comes in at a mere 59p but will not include multiplayer options. That’s a bit silly because it’s multiplayer that makes Worms. Fortunately a full fat version is in development and will have online play included. You can get your hands on the full version now for £2.99 and update when the online modes are completed.

Worms is the kind of franchise that could work very well on the iPhone. Until online play is enabled it will be stunted but the idea of executing dastardly attacks on your friends on the way to work will surely be a lot of fun. Let’s just hope there’s a pause mode for when you have to get off the bus.

Ian Duncan

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