Android, the new Symbian?

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Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 has recently been announced with the awesome inclusion of the Android OS, but with multiple brands jumping on the bandwagon is Android treading a familiar and dangerous path?


Android operating systems are infiltrating the world’s handsets. Starting quietly on the innocuous HTC, the monster OS is sneaking its way onto giant brands such as Samsung, Philips, Motorola and soon Sony Ericsson. The consolidation of multiple brands to a single OS has rarely been seen before and is a testament to the usability of the system. It’s also a unified backing against the brilliant iPhone, whose exclusive operating system is showing no signs of migration and threatened to dominate the market before the multi-tasking Android made a case for itself as a serious contender. Placing Android alongside Palm’s WebOS, there are seemingly no other platforms which present a decent alternative to the iPhone’s utility and ease of use.


Frighteningly, the only previous operating system to successfully migrate between multiple brands is the limited and stagnant Symbian. Its original and usable design got stuck in the mud and was incapable of progressing at the same rate as the hardware; a bit like a Bugatti Veyron with a wind up choke or Michael Bolton. With the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 comes the responsibility of power, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor lurks inside the recently announced Android phone. Surprisingly the X10 is only going to run Android Donut, placing it firmly in the rear view mirror of the Motorola Droid and its Android Eclair upgrade despite possessing a sizeable chunk more power.


The very fact that the Eclair upgrade exists is proof that Android is still very much on the move, let’s hope that other brands see fit to employ the added goodness that Google, Android’s developer, have granted its OS. However, if major hardware makers like Sony Ericsson are unwilling to adopt upgraded operating systems, there’s a chance that development could slow just as it did with Symbian. Here’s hoping that Google doesn’t drop the ball on this OS and continues to push the boundaries of mobile technology or it might become a dinosaur like Symbian.


Charles Thompson



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