iPhone Users get all Rick-rolled up their Faces

A bored Australian student decided to teach people who don’t set the passwords on their iPhones a lesson. He programmed a little virus that caused pictures of Rick Astley to show up on users’ screens. The virus also displayed a message saying, “Ikee never gonna give you up” – a reference to the student’s Twitter name @ikeeex.


Nothing bad happened apart from that, but Sophos security experts are warning that now the source code for iPhone viruses is out there, it won’t be long before more malicious examples start finding their way out.


In the Netherlands last week a more enterprising Dutch coder hijacked iPhones and demanded a small fee for their release. Probably a better use of people’s time than hitting them with a year old meme.


Apple have prided themselves on their reputation for security but these cases show that once any platform becomes popular enough, it’s worth hackers targeting them.


Ian Duncan


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