Fallen Earth – a breakaway from traditional MMOs


Fallen earth 6-10-09_screenshots_007There are a lot of fantasy based MMOs on the market right now, but developers Fallen Earth have made the first real step out of this trend and produced an MMO based in a post-apocalyptic future – with guns and explosives the main course of the day. Will this game result in more and more sci-fi based MMOs like DUST 514?

Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars – all these MMOs share one feature; they are all based in a fantasy world of swords and spells. So it was inevitable that a developer somewhere would think to themselves, after watching something like Star Wars (coincidentally there is an Old Republic MMO coming out soon), why all the fantasy? And tada, Fallen Earth.

It looks pretty good too – they haven’t just slapped a zero on the end of the date of some old MMO, the developers really put some effort into making a very refined game with a well planned out skill base (crafting, etc) and incredible flexibility in character choice. Instead of funnelling players into specific classes and roles like the more traditional MMOs, Fallen Earth allows players to build whatever skill base they choose for a completely unique class. Someone with tanking tendencies but with a slight lean to stealth could choose to build on those specific skills, while someone else who decides to focus fully on long distance combat can put all their efforts into improving rifles and sniper training.

Fallen earth screen_13_0


However, there is always going to be price to pay when bringing technology into a world previously dominated by fantasy and magic. Sadly the storyline of Fallen Earth leaves you with a rather indifferent feeling, and the themes – a virus, some nukes, world apocalypse and remnants of human civilisation – aren’t exactly ground-breaking having been explored in other genres with games like Fallout 3.

With the game only being recently released there is always the opportunity to further expand on the sci-fi genre via patches and expansions, and with more titles of a similar ilk on the way we can safely expect a deviation of the MMO niche into the world of robots and spaceships. Personally, I’m gunning for a Dune MMO – imagine going up against the Imperial Sardaukar!

Paul Park


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