Apple App Store’s Android Adversary


Everyone’s talking about App Store from your Mum to Jeremy Clarkson; but when was the last time either of them knew about anything cool? The new law breaking, street corner skulking Android (black)Market is here, but what’s it all about?

It would be easy to turn your nose up at Android Market, particularly given its currently cemented second place position in terms of total apps when compared to the gargantuan Apple App Store. But despite Apple’s complete dominance of figures with a total of just above 100,000 apps for download (stats available at – Android still holds its own against Steve Jobs’ beast with a tasty collection of distinctly different apps.

It would be foolish to disregard the more than 15,000 apps available in Android Market (stats available at especially when considering that 64% of these are free. It’s worth noting that the regulations surrounding the publishing of Android Apps are much less restrictive giving rise to some fantastic (and occasionally borderline legal) apps which will guarantee the dropped jaw of an iPhone wielding friend in the not-so-distant future. Let’s not forget that along with the brand-new (and considerably better) look and feel of Android Market courtesy of the Donut upgrade, that Android is Google’s brainchild ensuring the development of a few killer apps featuring that shimmery goodness that is high cost production.

It’s clear that Google don’t regard Android Market as just a tacked on extra but a key part of the Android experience, an attitude shared with Apple which has contributed to their own success. They’ve managed to support their hardware with a diverse and capable range of software; features include the ability to use widgets and run multiple apps simultaneously – something Apple can’t yet claim to match.

With a burgeoning influx of new Android phones and the inevitable growth of their market share, the massive rate of growth of app development from the past few months (an increase of 50% in available apps since June) is certain to continue. Looking forward to new apps is fine but what’s really interesting is discovering the fantastic apps already on offer in Android Market. Check out the accompanying feature to see the ten best apps available from Android Market, from those with the wow factor to those with future-essential utility and some that are just plain unexpected fun. Get acquainted with the bad-boy of app centres covered in this issue of Phonica Magazine UK.

Charles Thompson


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