A crazy afternoon slaughtering the undead


A preview of Left 4 Dead 2 was an unnerving experience, in a good way.



Frankly, I’ll make any excuse to avoid a trip into Central London, especially anywhere near the tidal wave people-channel that is Regent Street. It’s noisy, crowded, dirty and to be honest I despise every last crumbling brick of it; but today’s adventure into the capital wasn’t so bad, as I got to smack a zombie in the cranium with a cricket bat!

Last week there was an event held in Soho to showcase the eagerly awaited Left 4 Dead 2. But this was no ordinary event; goodness gracious no! Usually at these types of events, you’re not greeted by a skimpily dressed ‘soldier’ (I say soldier, she wasn’t dressed in actual military attire, and the camouflage tights with M.Bison hat left me suspicious of her authenticity) welcoming you with promises of ‘survival training’ and rations.

Firstly I was treated to a play test of the much anticipated zombie-masher, and although I don’t want to go into the game in too fine a detail (we’ll be running a more detailed feature next issue) I will say is that it’s every bit as good as the sensational original, if not better. And as a bonus I killed more zombies than both the GQ writers put together – put that in your pipe and smoke it GQ!

After the brief but excellent play test (I rather hogged the seat for a good hour) it was time for some ‘survival training’. Now it must be said that I struggle to take anything seriously, so the sight of a fully geared-up SAS type (who for some reason was wearing headphones!), showing me how to clinically put-down a zombie – with a straight face – left me in a fit of giggles. However, in the spirit of things, I soldiered on and gleefully took part in bitch-slapping the life-size PVC zombies they had made available. I don’t know if jumping on the zombie and screaming “you’re not my real dad!” was a good tactic, but judging by the way the SAS type looked at me (with a mixture of bemusement, pity and fear) I think he could tell I was a pro at this.

Once I’d had my fair share of needless but hysterical violence (and they’d managed to pull me off the zombie/dummy before I bit anymore of its face off) it was time to leave. I was given a rather tasty ‘ration pack’ (two cheese rolls and a Yorkie), a quick thanks and made my merry way back into the real world, totally prepared for any zombie invasion that may take place.

In all seriousness, the L4D2 event was an odd little adventure and although it was totally stupid, weird, cheesy and an essentially pointless idea, it was great fun, and utterly charming.

Scott Tierney



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