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Zombies are clearly all kinds of awesome. Zombie cows are even more so, as long as you avoid the rib eye. Yes, that joke was every bit as bad as you thought it was.

Zombie Cow ( is, in fact, game designer Dan Marshall. Dan makes point and click adventure games laced with wit, gravid with good gags and looking really rather nice to boot. Ben There Dan That is currently a free download (, and frankly, if you were ever tickled by Guybrush Threepwood, you’d be sucker not to wander over there and hoover it up this second.

Having said that, this free download thing provokes a little twinge somewhere in the back of the old cerebellum. If you take a look at the message boards on the company’s website, you’ll see Dan himself agonising over how much to charge for his new release, Time Gentlemen Please. And this is not several kinds of awesome – this is several kinds of wrong. I’m not about to go into an extended diatribe on why EA is the root of all evil, mainly because they’re not and they do show a respectable record in trying to develop new intellectual property.

However, a huge organisation like EA – really the antithesis of Dan and his team’s home-made, hand-crafted approach – doesn’t need the cash. So if you do wander over to Zombie Cow’s site and you like what you see, please throw them a decent donation. Entrepreneurs like this live or die on the understanding and admiration of we humble gamers. If no one buys what they have to sell, they go out of business.

I wouldn’t, of course, be waxing lyrical like this if Zombie Cow didn’t provide excellent work for very reasonable prices, you understand. Ben There Dan That is top quality stuff and well worth a few quid of anyone’s money. So go on, support your local developer. You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy afterwards, I promise.


Rob Hobson


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