Hello Kitty


Yikes – I’ve only just discovered Hello Kitty Online but I’ve got to say I’m excited. It’s the game that lets you play and network “in a virtual world full of cuteness and kawaii.” Players will travel the world and “visit breathtakingly cute locales”. There is combat apparently but the developers have tried to keep the atmosphere peaceful and joyful. The FAQ explains: “There will be plenty of non-lethal objects such as umbrellas, magic lollipops, brooms, etc. that will be used to clobber the forces of evil.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the game is plugged into some kind of social networking community called Sanrio Town where players can communicate via messaging and blogs and play flash minigames.

All in all it looks like Hello Kitty Online aims to be all things to all men (or more likely young girls). It’s free to play so there’s nothing to stop you jumping in and getting involved. The game was launched in Europe at the end of September and is slowly spreading across the world.


PMUK Blog Hello KItty


Ian Duncan


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