They say patience is a Vertu


Quality, Service, Form and Function are all Vertu’s to respect.

Vertu 2

Vertu as both a concept, and a reality, are undoubtedly the worlds leading manufacturer of handcrafted luxury mobile phones. The UK based company was established in 1998, and then embarked upon four years of pure research before launching their first prestige products in 2002. Since then Vertu has gained a reputation amongst the most discerning client base in the world for, as they themselves put it: –

‘Creating handsets for individuals who demand the best in everything they buy’

This mantra is evident in the three distinct collections Vertu has created– The Vertu Constellation, Vertu Ascent Ti and Vertu Signature. Each one is engineered and hand-made using the finest materials at Vertu’s ‘no boundaries’ working environment, overseen by Chief Engineer (and ex Nokia UK mechanical innovator) Hutch Hutchinson. A team of highly skilled craftsmen in the UK creates each handset, and Vertu’s newest incarnation of its Signature handset was recently awarded a prestigious international prize for product design in the form of a coveted Red Dot Award. Vertu has now joined a select group of alumni that includes Bang & Olufsen and Apple.

Vertu Concierge, Fortress and Select, the ‘ultimate customer service proposition’… Vertu has not only created a distinctive range of handsets but the design and technical innovation doesn’t just end there. Vertu have actually built in a button on the side of the handset, and by pressing this you connect directly with Vertu Concierge, a personal service offering expert advice and assistance, 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.

For those Signature S and Ascent Ti users that value data security, Vertu Fortress allows the instant transfer and back up of calendar and contact information to ultra-secure servers, maintained in an impenetrable ex-military bunker. Finally Vertu Select gives live world news, lifestyle recommendations, exclusive ringtones and content accessible directly from the handset. In September 2009 Vertu introduced the first fold phone within the Vertu portfolio, the Vertu Constellation. The handset expands the users first class lifestyle support from the Vertu Select service and includes City Brief, a digest of destination specific essential information including restaurant recommendations, the latest exhibitions, shopping guides and important etiquette tips. City Brief not only offers specific information for the user, but also allows them to hit the ground running feeling informed and fully prepared for their new surroundings.

Vertu Constellation

Vertu Constellation is the best-selling collection. It is design excellence, expert craftsmanship and world class service in the hands of style leaders across the globe. Stitched like the finest luggage, sculpted to reflect a golden era of travel and with the timeless appeal of a couture dress or bespoke suit; it is a luxury lifestyle essential for aficionados of pure and simple design and uncompromising quality. Constellation has all the hallmarks of Vertu craftsmanship – stainless steel or 18 carat gold, ceramic, sapphire crystal and the hand-moulded leather backplate is available in Black, Brown, Pink, Tan and Burgundy.

Vertu Ascent Ti

This quad band, 3G handset, with 3 mega pixel flash VGA camera, is the latest generation of the Ascent Collection. Precision engineered for strength and balance, the Vertu Ascent Ti takes its design and material cues from high performance sports cars. The striking silhouette emulates the curves of a powerful car, while the onscreen chronograph and offset illumination of the keypad echo precision dashboard instruments. Usually found in sports car engines, High Performance Titanium forms the chassis of the handset, encased in Black, Red or Brown leather.

Vertu Signature

The Vertu Signature Collection, the first to be created, is inspired by ‘Haute Joaillerie’ and Grand Complication timepieces and combines world class expertise in mobile technology with the craftsmanship of highly-skilled jewellers and watchmakers. Each handset is made up of over 270 components made exclusively for Vertu from exceptional materials, from Space Age ceramics to precious metals and jewels.

Here at Phonica UK we will be bringing you more information on Vertu, with an in-depth guide to the latest handsets, and an insight into the engineering, creative and design background of each. For more information on Vertu, please visit

Peter Gray


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  1. Vertu phones are not simple mobile gadgets. Each model is a complete, independent masterpiece. The creators of the Vertu phones use expensive materials.

  2. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  3. I think, that you are mistaken. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

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